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Tastes and Intensives. Coaches Training.

Taste of Conscious Leadership

An experiential half-day training to give you an overview of conscious leadership. You’ll come face to face with the behaviors that cause drama in your life and team, and learn the basics of how to build trust and a conscious culture.

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Conscious Leadership Intensives

Intensives are deeply engaging events designed to radically support you to apply the 15 commitments in your professional and personal life. You’ll leave with specific tools and practices to support your ongoing growth as a conscious leader. Facilitated by CLG Founders, Jim Dethmer and/or Diana Chapman.

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15 Commitments Coaches Certification Training

Next Training Begins October 2018
A one-year training that supports organizational coaches in developing mastery of living the 15 commitments, holding space for others to live the 15 commitments and coaching one-on-one clients using the CLG tools. This program is available to those who already have basic coaching certification or professional HR training. 

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I feel empowered with a toolkit to deal with issues more effectively.
San Francisco Taste Attendee
"CLG-Coaches Training Certification has been an amazing learning experience for me. There are very few coaches like Diana and Jim that are masterfully teaching and coaching by example and that are leading with integrity and openness. Diana and Jim's coaching group has been an unique experience where I got to play, raise my consciousness, learn new tools and improve my coaching skills. In the group I have also met wonderful colleagues that have become friends and part of my tribe. The retreats have been incredibly transformational and experiential. The whole year has been worth the investment of time and energy. I highly highly recommend this program for any professional coach that is serious and committed about up-leveling his/her game AND wants to embody what is coaching.” - Nicola Albini, JD MA, Leadership Coach -www.Nicola-Albini.com
Nicola Albini
Leadership Coach
It was fabulous! Tim was excellent and the attendees all seemed very engaged. I think it was the first time I’ve ever been involved in an event where every single person showed up. They all wanted this information and Tim delivered! Thanks for all your help and support.
Betsy Holt - Denver Taste
Project Manager

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